How Perfect! FAQ

Here are some of the most frequent questions we received (and our responses):

What is How Perfect!?
How Perfect! is the marketplace for authentic and original art and home décor made by artists (“Product” or “Products”) that meet the precise needs of prospective customers described in a project (“Project”) on 

What types of products can be sold on How Perfect!?
Currently, the authentic and original art and home décor products that you are permitted to list, for sale, on How Perfect! include:

  • paintings;
  • limited edition prints;
  • photographs;
  • furniture;
  • sculptures; and,
  • crafts.

How does How Perfect! work?
It’s simple: 

  • If you are a potential buyer, you register and select, through a new project, the type of authentic and original art or home decor you need.  Then, you provide a briefing on your vision for sizes, colors, styles and price ranges.  Also, you provide photos of your space so that our artist can visualize something perfect for your space.  Then, artists provide options for your perfect work of art.  Finally, you select your perfect piece of original art and get it shipped to your door!
  • If you are a potential seller, you register and can begin bidding your art to meet project specifications.  If you study the project specifications closing and bid art that meets those requirements, you’ll likely gain a sale!

Does How Perfect own the products that are bid for sale?
As a marketplace, How Perfect! does not own the Products on the Site nor does it set prices for Products. How Perfect! provides the platform for our buying customers to detail specifics on the original art and home décor that they would like to purchase to help our network of artists and galleries to meet their purchasing desires.

Why should I considering buying art or home décor on How Perfect!?
For our buying customers seeking amazing authentic art and original art and home décor, we:

  • Provide a unique shopping experience that focuses on you;
  • Deliver brilliant works from our network of artists tailored to your specifications; and,
  •  Streamline your purchasing process for authentic and original art and home décor.

Why should I considering selling art or home décor on How Perfect!?
For our network of artists and galleries, we:

  • Offer exposure to new customers seeking authentic and original art and home décor items;
  • Provide you with the specific information you need to best meet the wishes of prospective buyers; and
  • Deliver an easy to use platform for bidding to sell your works to our buying customers.

What are the requirements to participate?
To participate on the Site, you must:

  • be an individual or business with a U.S. location;
  • register and create a How Perfect! account to solicit, purchase, bid, or sell Products;
  • if you are bidding and/or selling Products on HowPerfect!, provide required documentation to allow for payment verification and regarding the authentic and original nature of your Product or Products that you are bidding for sale;
  • register one or more valid credit cards, debit cards, or checking accounts, including a preferred account (“Payment Method”), through our partner, PayPal;
  • acknowledge that How Perfect! may charge your preferred Payment Method for amounts you owe us, and costs we incur or other losses arising out of your violation of this Agreement (including the Additional Policies); and,
  • abide by all How Perfect! policies and guidelines.

What are the requirements for what I might sell?
Any listed Product or Products, though, must be in your possession and must be made by you or be accompanied by a certificate of authenticity from the original artist. In addition, if requested, you must provide required documentation to allow for verification of your authority to sell your selected Product or Products, as well as the authenticity thereof.

If I’m a buyer, when do I pay?
You only pay online when you select your authentic and original art and home décor for purchase.

If I’m a seller, when do I receive payment?
Receiving payment for the Product is simple and is based upon the following schedule:

  • Initiation 3 days after we can confirm the order was delivered (1) if shipment is made through How Perfect!, (2) if you supply us with shipping information that can be tracked by How Perfect!, or (3) based upon communications between How Perfect! and the intended Product recipient; or
  • Initiation 15 days after the purchase is made on How Perfect!, (1) if shipment is made outside of How Perfect!, (2) if shipping information that can be tracked is not provided to How Perfect! and (3) if How Perfect! is unable to establish communications to receive definite receipt information from the intended Product recipient.

Payment receipt times will vary depending on the payment method chosen by you.  We'll also send you an email to let you know that we have begun processing your payment.

If you choose to be paid by check, we'll send your check by First-Class Mail®. When you receive your check depends on where you live and the United States Postal Service.

If you choose to be paid through our merchant services program, via ACH or wire transfer, we'll transfer your payment directly to the account that you have on file with How Perfect!.

Where do I direct questions that aren’t answered in the FAQ?
You should contact How Perfect! Customer Service – via email, 24/7/365, at